If you:

  • Are constantly arguing with your family.
  • Feel tired, angry, frustrated.
  • Need to talk about your problems.
  • Are homeless or a runaway or thinking about running away.
  • Are in need of safety or protection.
  • Are experiencing a crisis or problem you think you need help with.

You can get help by calling:


or contact us online

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Voices of Youth

“The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, love isn’t love ‘til you give it away.”
~Jon S

“The staff was competent in keeping my son safe and healthy. I was very please with my child’s care at The Harbor. Family counseling was extremely helpful. A lot of issues were brought up and dealt with.”
~The parent of a 13 year old male

“The Harbor ~ Somewhere to feel safe, sit back and chill with no worries. There’s always someone to talk to. This is the place to go when all else fails. The Harbor restores hope, faith and a knowing of self-worth.”

“Wings has given me the power to overcome so many obstacles I’ve had in my life”

“Wings helped me learn to be independent, save money, feel loved & cared about & supported me through my struggles”
~16 Year old female resident

“The Harbor is a place to turn to when everyone else let me down.”
~17 Year old male resident