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  1. Hello. I am an Avon Independent Fundraising Specialist located in Richmond, Michigan and I would like to help raise money for your cause with an Avon Fundraiser. We have selected fundraising products that guarantee a 50% earnings. We provide quality products that are easy to sell and can be tailored to your needs and goals. I would love to speak with you more regarding this opportunity. Is there a good time for you that I can meet with you and go over what Avon Fundraising can do for your organization? I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you.

  2. Good morning! My name is Lynda Ross and I’m an LPC practicing at Literacy and Beyond (old Lady of Guadeloupe building). I’m in the process of creating my 2019 Help Card and just wanted to be sure what I read here regarding The Harbor, Wings of the Harbor and Cypress Place is still accurate. Also, if you have any additional information that would be helpful as I make referrals I would greatly appreciate it! I see both adolescents and young adults that I believe on occasion would be appropriate for your services.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done over the last 40 years and the precious lives you’ve touched.

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Program, and Street Outreach Program in Port Huron Michigan.