The Harbor Programs

The Harbor has been located at 929 Pine St, for the past 40 years. At the Harbor they help 9-17 year old boys and girls who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, and or are at odds with family members within their households. These kids can come to the Harbor for three weeks and receive family/individual/group counseling, tutoring; they will  learn basic cooking skills, amongst other life skills. You can call the Harbor at (810)982-8584

Wings of the Harbor, is our Transitional Living Program that has been located at 1114 Court Street since 2004. Wings of the Harbor is a program for 16-21 year old boys and girls who have often had falling-outs with their family, and need somewhere else to go, and want to thrive and learn how to live independently. At Wings, youth are taught major and minor life skills, during their stay which can be up-to 18 months. During their stay, youth are expected to maintain a job, and deposit half of each of their checks (this money is saved up and returned once they move out).  They are also expected to finish High School, or a GED equivalency, if they haven’t already done so. Youth are also expected to volunteer regularly, and prepare dinner several times a week. You can call Wings at (810)989-9602

Cypress Place Street Outreach, is our outreach and drop in center, located at 2019 10th Street since 2009. Youth between the ages of 12-21 can come here and get support services. Cypress Place offers counseling for individuals and has group counseling every Friday at 6pm. Cypress Place also has available tutoring. Youth who come here are also able to use our laundry and shower services, and receive monthly household cleaning products, household food packages, and hygiene kits. Cypress Place is open Thursday 5p-8p, and Friday and Saturday 3p-8p. During these hours you can call us at (810)824-4835. If you call at a different time, we will get back as soon as possible. if you have an emergency call the Harbor or 911.

Program, and Street Outreach Program in Port Huron Michigan.